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Party culture in 2016, Dead or Alive?

The short answer?

No. The party scene is more healthy, diverse and vibrant now than ever.

But it can be tempting to think so.
Street poster

10 years ago, when late night gigs and 4 day festivals were nothing but an underage dream, I’d be seemingly drowned in event posters while walking city streets. They’d be glued up, they’d be peeled off, and this constant promo cycle of ‘awesome things at which I wasn’t allowed’ seemed never-ending.

The gig poster scene seems to have been on the wane over the last decade.


And yes, It’s easy to think that way the party scene is dying because of the disappearance of the street posters.

From Street to Feed

The reality, though, is that the party scene is as healthy, if not healthier, than it’s ever been.

The use of social media has changed the way event organisers promote and communicate to their audience, with platform like Facebook events, gig-specific Instagram hashtags and sponsored Snapchat stories and other features doing more for the advertising and broadcasting of an event than the PR agency, TV crew, and swathe of event posters of 10 years ago could ever do.

The Difference a Decade Makes

Here is the process of organising your friends to go to a gig a decade ago.

Find out about the event on a poster, in a newspaper, or through a heads-up from a friend on your very sharp looking MySpace page.
SMS your friends separately on your 1c Telstra-to-Telstra prepaid text plan. Wait patiently for their response.
After sending 3 reminder SMS messages to your more ‘relaxed’ mates, figure out how many tickets you want to buy.
Because it was your idea, head down to the ticket office and buy the tickets for the crew.
Hope that everyone shows up on the night with their money to pay you back.
I’m annoyed by just reading that.

Where we’d previously go to a physical ticketing office, we now go online. And where posters were the brick wall equivalent of a banner plane in the sky, throwing information at anyone who looks, recent event marketing has become so much more targeted and nuanced.

When you create a Facebook event, you can advertise it to whatever market you choose. Want to hit the Post Neo-Gothic Hardcore Baby Metal crowd between the ages of 18 and 24?

And if you’re looking to reach a wider audience than you previously could ever have, listing your event on a marketplace platform like Qnect ensures your event isn’t missed by any partier’s eyes.

Slack for iOS Upload

The efficiency of modern marketing, that all important bang for your advertising buck, is now far better than it has ever been.

A Partier’s Responsibility

Humans are creatures of efficiency. It’s how we got to where we are. If a section of society is quick in adopting and adapting to changes in technology, they’re setting themselves up to be around for a long time.

Take everyone’s favourite corporate whipping boy, Blockbuster. They didn’t adopt and adapt. They put all their eggs in the DVD rental basket. They failed to make the transition from physical store to online streaming service like Netflix, and have paid the price.

For those in the Australian party scene – both event organisers and event goers – it is a matter of adopting and adapting too. If there is a better, more efficient way of doing things, let’s use it. It’ll mean the survival of our precious community for as long as we continue to have the desire to party.

If there’s been this level of change to the way our party scene works in the last decade, can you even imagine what it might be like in a decade’s time?

Technology is moving faster than ever, and this ever-turning cog shouldn’t intimidate, it should excite.

Who are we?

Qnect is an end to end social ticketing platform made for university societies that allows event organisers and goers to create a communication around their favourite events.

Haven’t used us before?

Hey, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you are an event organiser looking to create more engaging event easily, someone wanting to join our team or an investor that want to know more about us, shoot us an email to

Do you have what it takes to join Qnect team?


What we are building?

Have you even had so much fun at an event or part that your mind and soul is still left at the event even few days later? Well, we call that the “Weekend withdrawal Symptoms”.
At Qnect our mission is to create a community around the events & parties you go to, not only we have created a fun, sociable and seamless platform for you to organise and attend your next party, you can even re-live the best moment that was shared by other attendees, so you will never have another “Weekend withdrawal Symptoms”.

Job Description

Content Developer (Paid Part-time Intern)

We are currently looking for a content developer intern to join our growth team, you will be responsible for providing assistant on planning and direction of the Content Marketing strategy, as well as taking part in the production. We are seeking a creative content marketer who can excite through storytelling in words, pictures and video.

• Manage and assist all content marketing initiatives across multiple platforms to drive leads and brand awareness
• Create content that educates, influences, activates and monetizes engagement across all programs and audience segments
• Collaborate with build relationships with internal and external subject-matter experts to drive marketing strategies and measurable results

• Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, PR, Marketing/Business or related communications field
• Some form of experience in digital publishing or marketing
• Skill at both long-form content creation like blogs, and real-time (e.g., snapchat) content creation and distribution strategies and tactics
• A passion for technology


UX/UI designer (Intern)

We’re looking for a UI/UX designer to join our team and help us deliver an awesome experience that our users by taking part in the UX/UI design process for both our website and App. This is a great opportunity to learn but gain actual hands on experience.

• Come up with new design ideas for our existing platform
• Create a consistent visual representation of our product
• Improve the UX of our product
• Work along side the front/ back-end engineering team to implement new design to our web and app

• Experience designing beautiful customer experiences on the web and mobile – including UI, UX and interaction design
• Excellent knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite
• Understand HTML/CSS (Not a MUST but a PLUS)
• Solid understanding of grid systems and typography

To apply for the roles above, please send us your resume, including relevant links to your projects portfolio to

Expanding the Qnect community through O-week

O-Week is often hailed as the busiest week on the University calendar – and rightly so. Thousands of students descend on campuses across Australia to meet new people, talk to societies and pocket freebies amongst an atmosphere that could rival a carnival. There was no better opportunity to introduce Qnect to both societies and students.

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With Qnect teams across 8 Australian universities (USYD, UNSW, UTS, MACQ Uni, Monash, UniMelb, UQ, QUT), we’ve connected with over 350 societies and thousands of students. The response has been incredible. Downloads have increased over 600% and sessions have risen 230% compared to the week prior.

View post on

Lastly, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to the community we are building up, all the students who’ve used our app so far and event organisers who are putting their trust in us.

We will continue our mission to make friends more connected at university social events and more accessable for all.

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Who are we?

Qnect is an end to end social ticketing platform made for university societies that allows event organisers and goers to create a community around their favourite events.

Haven’t used us before?

Hey, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you are an event organiser looking to create more engaging event easily, someone wanting to join our team or an investor that want to know more about us, shoot us an email to

Got a passion for fashion?

Introducing the movement of fashion: FABSOC – the Fashion and Beauty Society. Through their vision of self-expression and individualism, FABSOC brings to you fashion tips, new lifestyle guidelines, beauty tips, the latest style icons, exclusive deals and sales and the latest events hosted by the team.

For those who are nearing an internship or post-grad interview, get excited as FABSOC has prepared a Business Attire Workshop for you, teamed up with Mister Varenne, an easy and accessible platform for women to achieve those effortless looks.

Do you sit in your room struggling to find that outfit that makes your personality shine? Take this opportunity to gather all the tips on how to style your outfits and being confident!

Fabsoc Business Attire Workshop

FABSOC’s Corporate Style Workshop is a great opportunity for all you fashionista’s who want to spice up your business wardrobe with a little inspiration from both FABSOC and Mister Varenne to nail that first impression at any interview!

The Business Attire Workshop will be held on the 24th August from 1-2pm down at room Law204. To stay tuned with FABSOC’s upcoming event, head over to the UNSW Fashion and Beauty Facebook page for more details!

Don’t forget to check out what FABSOC got up to at their latest makeup workshop event that was held earlier this month with Linda Pham.



Minor Changes To Achieve Great Success at Uni

The power of having less; why you’ll find yourself being a productive learner without all the distractions.

When we first start uni, we have no idea what we’re doing.

Naturally, we attend all our lectures and tutorials within the first two weeks and think, hey that’s a good place to start. We start seeing a gradual trend where the numbers drop in lecture rooms and the motivation to study or attending uni dissipates as the semester goes on.

Then there all the societies. Impressed by their passion, interests and causes, we are swayed to join almost every single one, but soon find out there is just not enough time to devote time to every one.

Here are a few tips on how to get back on track of things and to regain the motivation that you have lost halfway through the semester to achieve that aspiring HD mark:

1. Ever studied without wifi or even worse, the Internet? 

Merely possible, I know. What could you possibly do without THE Internet? Read? If you think about it, when was the last time you picked up a book and read it from page 1 till the very end? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Why not challenge yourself this semester by spending one night without the home wifi, your mobile data and any other possible forms of accessing the net. Challenge complete? Reward yourself. Whether it be watching the next episode of Mad Men or having yet again, another cheat meal. Nothing is better than the satisfaction of completing your studies and rewarding yourself with a little treat.

2. Time management.

The definition of using your time effectively and productively. Time management is a skill that doesn’t happen overnight but a skill that transitions into your second nature with time and effort. To lead an effective lifestyle at uni, it is crucial to balance a striking study plan that works for you as well as having your own leisure time. Amidst all the stress, you find yourself focusing on one too many activities at uni. You question how you can possibly keep on top of all the uni events, study and be an executive member of a particular society? There are tools out there which can help make our lives just a bit easier, one being ClubQnect’s accessibility straight from your phone with the convenience to keep track of all the upcoming events to your most important society! You can find out more about ClubQnect here at

3. Find that study buddy! 

It’s time to ditch Facebook, Instagram and Twitter scrolling. I know it’s hard parting ways, but perhaps it’s time to reevaluate what you could potentially be doing without social media. According to social times, users are spending approximately 12 hours a week on social networking sites or more for others. What better way to steer away from your biggest distractions by meeting new friends and signing up to new societies on campus. Studying in a group is not only a great way to socialise and getting the work done simultaneously, it is also an effective way of sharing ideas and providing one another with motivation whilst maintaining a fun environment.

4. Set your goals!

Pick up a pen and write down three of the most important things to you right now. Break down those goals and create a leading map in achieving your goals. Set up your very own timeline and track your progress. Whether it is a uni goal or a professional goal for the future, it’s always good to set a high bar for yourself to ensure you can achieve those written goals.


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My Email To Students; ClubQnect’s Resell Feature Makes Everyone Win

Image also available on our Facebook and Instagram page

ClubQnect is proud to present the “My Email To Students” campaign, where ClubQnect will be highlighting individual features on their app. In this weeks edition, ClubQnect will be talking about their very own ‘resell’ feature, which enables users to resell their tickets anytime, prior an event. 

Subject: ClubQnect Resell Feature

From: ClubQnect

To: Students


Have you ever had to resell an event ticket? – Whether it was for you or for someone else, I am sure it was not the quickest process. Lets face it, we live in a generation where technology lives side by side in terms of our convenience, and it is only growing exponentially. And, because of that, it is quite peculiar to think that with modern era, reselling one ticket can be so time consuming.

Introducing ClubQnect’s reselling feature. It is very easy. All you have to do is; after purchasing a ticket, go onto your ClubQnect wallet, where all your tickets purchased are stored. Simply swipe to the left, and you will have the luxury of gifting or reselling your ticket. That is all. Forget going onto Facebook, inboxing everyone you see on your chat bar, or advertising it onto the event page and getting an offer considerably lower than the ticket price you paid for – Lets not forget that you have to arrange a place and time to meet too! With ClubQnect, all you need to do is endure a 1 minute process (at most), and you will get 90% of the original ticket price back. The ticket goes back up for sale and everyone wins.

So, if you are someone who thinks the resell feature is the way forward, think ClubQnect.

Kind Regards,

The ClubQnect Team

Don’t forget to check out their website at and follow them on their exciting journey ahead at and


3 Ways ClubQnect Can Help You This Semester

Our co-founders Ryan Wu (Left) and Aengus Tran (Right) ready to tackle the new semester

What makes a semester of uni unforgettable? Is it meeting new people? Nurturing the friendships already made? Or, could it even be the events in between all the chaos of assignments and exams? Good food (no rhetorical question as this is a given with our generation).

Making new friends
For new coming students, coming to uni is a daunting experience. We have undoubtedly gone through this phase, sitting in empty lecture rooms and tutorials not knowing anyone. What better way to overcome this than stepping out of your comfort zones? We often face the difficult situations of coming up with conversation starters, what do YOU often find yourself asking new fellow mates at uni? What are you studying? Perhaps, what are your interests? You’re halfway through the semester and what changes do you notice, when seeing your new friends in class? You ask them what they got up to in the past week. ClubQnect can help you this semester with my calendar; a way for you to keep up with what your new friends have gotten up to in the past week at multiple events. This semester, step out of your comfort zones and ask a new friend about the next big event on your calendar.

Catching up with existing friends
As the years go by at university, you find that everyone comes to a comparable goal. That is, to become successful, to complete their degree accompanied by a list of achievements, to find a career in their field and last but not least, taking away lifelong friendships formed over the years. Each semester, we find ourselves not only forming new friendships but also, catching up with old ones. Ways we catch up with old friends? Taking them to the closest #brunch spot or even catching up over uni events. Do you ever find yourself feeling more inclined to attend a uni event if your friends are also attending and not so inclined if they don’t? With the ease of checking whether your friends are attending an event, ClubQnect can help you keep track of attendees at the events YOU want to attend this upcoming semester. Want to avoid the spam you find on Facebook or want to stop scrolling through all the events you don’t want to attend until you come across the one you want to be present at? With the algorithm of ClubQnect’s implements through its unique individual profiling system, each individual will find the most relevant events catered to them on ‘my calendar’. With the importation of everyone’s profile drawn from Facebook details, you will find that your account will be personalised and will cater to your interest in particular events.

The ease of buying tickets
Are you a student studying medicine, law, actuary, engineering, commerce or arts? Do you find yourself caved in your rooms the night before exams and assignments throughout the semester? I don’t know about you but I find myself doing just that moments away from the deadline. You may not realise this but a lot of you sit in the same boat with busy schedules throughout the semester, whether it is work, studying or running a society. While all the chaos happens around you on campus, you find that you don’t have the time to update yourself or go to the stalls on campus to purchase tickets for upcoming events that you can attend. It is hard to take notice of all the events happening around you when you are all shelled up with work, therefore, you start missing events (1st years excluded), and you start missing out on the chance of living a full-sociable uni life.The disappointment starts to hit, and it slowly becomes more and more disheartening. The weekend comes, you find yourself scrolling through Facebook and there, you see your friends posting pictures of events THEY attended. You go to class, you hear the echoes of people talking about events they went to on the weekends and there you are, silently thinking to yourself that you didn’t do anything exciting. This will no longer be a problem for you this upcoming semester with the benefits of digital ticketing that ClubQnect can provide you with. You can now commit alongside your friends and be assured that if your friends are going to an event, you will be able to view it all just a click away. Friends are no longer attending an event and you no longer want to go? Not a problem with the ability to resell your ticket at anytime prior to the event. Buying a ticket will longer be a hassle for YOU.

To read more about ClubQnect, click on the following blog posts:

The Boys Behind ClubQnect

ClubQnect Takes 1st Place In Hong Kong

Don’t forget to check out their website at and follow them on their exciting journey ahead at and

The Boys Behind ClubQnect

Daniel (left), Aengus (centre), and Ryan (right)

If there was a typecast for perseverance, the boys behind ClubQnect be the very definition of it. Co-founding their company back in 2013, they have gone through a long and bumpy road to get to where they are. Now in it’s pre-launch stage, ClubQnect would not have been where it currently is had it not been for the constant determination of the boys who persisted through various problems on a daily basis. Although it is still early days, ClubQnect has already shown flashes of its potential brilliance, coming 2nd place in the prestigious ‘Peter Farrell Cup’ hosted by ‘The Australian School of Business’ in 2013. Following the experience, they found even more success only recently, representing Australia in the highly competitive ‘Hong Kong Polytechnic University Global Student Challenge‘, taking home 1st prize.

Sitting on a very rough couch in a modest apartment at The University of New South Wales, the ClubQnect digital marketing team interviewed the boys behind ClubQnect, Ryan Chen, Aengus Tran, and Daniel Liang about their personal insights of this roller-coaster experience so far.

Why did you guys start ClubQnect? 

RYAN: For me, I started ClubQnect because I thought it would be a good opportunity to get exposure into the real world. Learning commerce, yes it is very academic but its nothing like what you have to go through in an everyday working environment. I guess this was one of my drives in starting ClubQnect along with also creating a unique ticketing platform that can bring people together.

AENGUS: I used to be a promoter when I first left high school around 3 years ago. During my time as a promoter, I always thought it was crazy that even in the 21st century, simple things such as buying tickets or knowing which events your friends were going to be in was such a chore. Ever since then, I gave myself a mission in solving those problems. Now, the app has grown into something much bigger than what I expected and I really believe that it can revolutionise the way people socialise and come together.

DANIEL: Finishing Year 12 high school, and before I started my studies at University, I started an event business Empire Entertainment organising social events such as HSC Blowout and was then offered  ownership in Perfect Nights at Pontoon in Darling Harbour on Friday nights which, over time made me realise a few things over time. I realised I constantly annoyed my Facebook ‘friends’ by inviting them to events they didn’t even want to go to. My team also conducted a survey over 1000 students in Sydney universities, over 70% of students that were interested in certain  society and commercial events didn’t actually end up going, because they weren’t sure if their friends were actually going, it was troublesome to line up to buy a ticket, it was in exam period, or simply they had to travel and meet someone they’ve never met.

I understand that you guys started the whole idea of ClubQnect on the back of a napkin, could you elaborate into that a little more?

AENGUS: It was in late 2013, when Ryan approached me and Daniel with a business competition called ‘The Peter Farrell Cup’. At the time, the only thing I was uncertain about was selling tickets as the party was something I found quite challenging. Essentially, we were just kicking back, picking out ideas when we started planning ClubQnect. We did not come up with the whole of ClubQnect overnight, it was a gradual process. We first went into the whole experience with very little market research. ClubQnect was just a platform where people would buy tickets. But, we quickly realised that it was not the ticket selling that was the problem but, bringing people to the event. So, we started asking ourselves some of the really hard questions like, how do you bring people to the event? How do you make people excited about an event? Asking myself those questions, I quickly realised that the way I used to convince people through my days promoting on Facebook was to tell people that their mates were going. I was just reflecting on that and thought that people don’t really care about whether a famous DJ from Melbourne is coming down, but whether peoples’ friends are going.

Ryan (left), Daniel (centre), and Aengus (right) posing in Hong Kong

Ryan (left), Daniel (centre), and Aengus (right) posing in Hong Kong

“Every time that happens, it is literally a heart-attack” – Ryan Chen on new competitors constantly entering the market

How long have you guys worked on ClubQnect and how does that duration compare to how long you guys were initially planning to work on ClubQnect? 

RYAN: As young entrepreneurs, we were extremely naive. After the competition (Peter Farrell cup), we really thought that if we just contacted our developers and emailed them back and forth, we would finish the whole thing in 3-4 months. It was December 2013, when we contacted our developer and thought that April, Easter Holidays would be a perfect time to launch the app because everyone was on holidays. April hit, it turned out that we needed an extra month because our features did not turn out properly. After April, it went to May, June, July, and then before we knew it, we were in December of 2014. So after 2014, we kept going and pushing so that we can ensure a product that was perfect (no bugs) and had all the features people wanted. Along with feedback from a lot of different people, we constantly strived to improve it. And right now, in the middle of 2015, we believe that we finally have all the features done and that people would love our app. After 2 years, we are finally ready to launch. Our initial expected 3 months for completion with the 2 years it actually took, it took a lot more sweat and hard work than expected.

What was the hardest thing you guys personally had to encounter through this journey?

DANIEL: Firstly, the age-old and overaching obstacle of balancing university studies and ClubQnect. Secondly, leading up to launch, and as we looked to expand, we realised that we will require a larger development and coding team – so, if there are any coders out there and would like to join our amazing journey, please feel free to contact me on

AENGUS: This whole thing is a learning experience for us. None of us had any technology background so, to go out there and say, “hey, lets make an app”, it really is quite out of the box. I guess the biggest challenge is perseverance, to continuously encounter hurdles but to keep going and to want to make the perfect app for people.

RYAN: There were a lot of times when I was personally very scared. I had this really intense fear throughout the whole project that we were not going to make it. And you start doubting yourself, and you start doubting your team, and you question whether your idea is actually going to work. And every few weeks or few months, we’d find competitors who have done something similar and eventually more and more competitors would pop up, and every time that happens, it is literally a heart-attack. But at the end of the day, you start to realise that it is not about the competitors out there but about whether you can make the best product out there.

Daniel (left) and Aengus (Right) looking suave

Daniel (left) and Aengus (Right) looking suave

“ClubQnect, the world’s largest social event organiser, who hosts no events” – Daniel Liang on where ClubQnect will be in 10 years

If you had one advice for all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what would it be? 

DANIEL: Believe in yourself and stick it through – there are valuable lessons out there for us all. To take an idea, implement and executing it into a business, gaining feedback, and consistently improving on it, is a life lesson that I also have learnt during this process. I have learnt that life is also about being able to grow from  failures, mistakes and feedback, and improving everyday. Aside from deep life lessons, the process of being a  young entrepreneur definitely fast tracks your business knowledge, strategical thinking and other skills not available to learn in school or university. Despite sleepless nights, and overambitious timetables, the overall experience is amazing.

You guys are now in a pre-launch stage. Are there any features out there that you think would excite the Qnecters (ClubQnect followers) the most when ClubQnect launches?

RYAN: I think the resell function would excite me the most. I always see so many messages on event pages, the day before or on the day of an event, where there are people trying to sell their tickets. They arrange a time, a place to meet, and it becomes a bit of a hassle. With our app, people can sell their tickets very conveniently, from wherever they are, at any time, through the touch of their devices.

AENGUS: I think there is always the question of whether I am going to be by myself or with other people. Getting friends to go with you, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge. So, I think having the option of creating your own crew to an event with our “my crew” function is pretty cool. I think people will love the idea of being able to invite their friends to an event through our app in the most simplest way.

Where will ClubQnect be in 10 years time? 

DANIEL: Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. ClubQnect, the world’s largest social event organiser, who hosts no events.

You have had people support you from the very beginning. If you could say something to them right now, what would you say?

RYAN: To all our supporters, we just want to say a very very big thank you. We would have never made it to where we are today without all the support you have given us. You guys have really given us so much value to our business, so we really want give you guys more in return. A very big thank you to everyone.

Don’t forget to check out their website at and follow them on their exciting journey ahead at and




ClubQnect Takes 1st Place in Hong Kong

One year in the making of such an astronomically developed project, the ClubQnect team, Ryan Wu, Daniel Liang and Aengus Tran have made it one step closer to the big picture of a much anticipated mobile solution; ClubQnect.

After submitting an application in December of 2014, the ClubQnect Team were shortlisted in the top 30 teams in the undergraduate division. A day before taking off to Hong Kong, the Clubqnect co-founders prepared a PolyU Hong Kong Mock Pitch held in ARC at UNSW to all the friends who have closely supported ClubQnect from the start of their journey. In preparation for their big trip to Hong Kong, they delivered their 20 minute presentation in an exclusive peak into the much foreseen mobile application.

Leaving Sydney, UNSW business school students Ryan Wu, Daniel Liang and medical school student Aengus Tran prepare to embark on the greatest global student based challenge.

ClubQnect departs to Hong Kong

Aengus (Left), Daniel (Centre) and Ryan (Right) get ready to depart to Hong Kong!

Arriving in the humid city of Hong Kong, the ClubQnect team jumped straight into their air-conditioned rooms and explored the urban area of Hung Hom. One of the three co-founders of ClubQnect, Aengus Tran found that Hong Kong offered a great mix of an urbanised and civilised culture.

ClubQnect Explores Hong Kong

Daniel (Left), Aengus (Centre) and Ryan (Right) explore Hong Kong

“My first impression of Hong Kong was that it was really humid and we were very lucky to have had organiser’s arrange cool accommodation for us to stay.”

Leading up to the semi-final round, co-founders of ClubQnect, Daniel Liang and Aengus Tran stepped up their methods of rehearsing and took their pitching to the streets of Hong Kong. Practising day and night, the ClubQnect Team shook off their nerves and couldn’t wait to pitch and present their innovative business idea on stage.

Representing Australia and UNSW, the ClubQnect team were given one month to prepare for the PolyU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge and took home 1st place. Following months of preparation and rounds of competition, ClubQnect brought home the Gold Award after delivering a 1-minute elevator pitch followed by a 20-minute presentation alongside teams around the world including some of the top universities; Johns Hopkins University, The National University of Singapore and The National University of Sciences & Technology.

The Global Student Challenge encourages young talented students around the world to present innovative business ideas to a panel of judges including business executives, entrepreneurs, university professors and venture capitalists. The final competition was held on the 24 June with six finalists competing for the ultimate prize. The challenge was a life changing experience for ClubQnect where the aspiring team not only took home such an invaluable achievement but also made lifetime friendships during their week in Hong Kong.

To end such an unforgettable journey, a great experience for the ClubQnect team was having a celebratory dinner following the final presentation at one of Hong Kong’s renowned tourist attractions; the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong

The Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant gets hired out on the final night to celebrate ClubQnect’s victory!

Don’t forget to check out their website at and follow them on their exciting journey ahead at and


ClubQnect is going to Hong Kong




GSC is a global business plan competition organized by PolyU for talented students worldwide. It is a unique platform for students to present their very own innovative products or services in front of successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists with the ultimate aim of transforming their sparkling ideas into reality.

PolyU Challenge Official Website

Current UNSW Business School students Ryan Wu, Daniel Liang and medical school student Aengus Tran are competing for the prize with their entry ‘ClubQnect’.


Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 12.24.28 pm


ClubQnect is a free to download “social ticketing” mobile platform that gives users clear visibility of when their friends purchase a ticket to any event. Users can purchase tickets on their phone and create groups of friends “crews” to attend events together for discounts and special offers.


After submitting their application in December 2014 the team is now shortlisted as the top 30 teams in the undergraduate division.

List of shortlisted Institution

ClubQnect is flying to HongKong to represent the University of New South Wales in June to compete in the Semi-Final round against top team around the world such as Jones Hopkin University and National University of Singapore. The team will be required to deliver a 1 minute elevator pitch followed by a 20 minutes presentation and Q&A.

Check out their newly launched website at and follow them on their exciting journey at: